why is my face flaking off

The seasons are changing and your face is flaking off. Why does this happen? You’re not alone as this will happen to the very dry, the very oily, and everyone in between. The change in climate, as well as the conditions we change because of the climate, can provoke your skin to act out. For instance, a drop in humidity can cause your skin to be more dry, but blasting the heat in your car can cause lack of water and oil in your skin! The result: Flaky, tight, breakout prone, blotchy, dull, oily, sensitized skin. Yuck. This over-stripped, lack of water condition is called dehydration and all skin types can experience it. It is when your skin is not retaining water and the protective barrier layer is being stripped by product usage (or lack there of) and extrinsic factors (like forced hot air). Your skin will try to fight this by frantically produces more oil, which often gets trapped under the flaky skin and causes more issues. It is a very common skin condition and an easy one to fix, but left unattended it is a condition that causes the most short and long term damage. Follow these simple steps to change your skin around fast.

-Cleanse your skin with a creamy cleanser over a sink with warm water. Try to keep your face as dry as possible in your steamy hot showers as this will further dehydrate your skin. Sounds crazy, but trust me, myself and eight years worth of clients will tell you it works.

-Use a scrub no more than one time a week. Over exfoliating will make the problem you’re facing worse.

-Ditch harsh products like astringents, acne wipes, and acid exfoliants. These are only drying your skin out more and causing further breakouts.

-Wear a moisturizer night and day to create a barrier against extrinsic factors. Oil free for oily/acneic skin, and a medium weight moisturizer for dry skin. Remember, your skin type is what you are born with and your skin condition is an issue needing correction. Always use cleansers and moisturizers for your skin type. Using a heavy moisturizer because of the dehydration you feel will only make you break out if your skin type is oily.

-Remember to drink plenty of water, especially in conditions with forced hot air. If you notice your lips are extremely chapped or your finger tips are pruney, that is a sign you need water!

-Use a hyaluronic acid serum. I truly believe it is the one product that fixes all problems. It will bind 1000x it’s weight in water to your skin, without adding any oil.  I really love Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster.

Follow these simple steps and I promise, your skin will improve in no time! Using a hyaluronic acid serum is a great product to incorporate year round as it provides so many benefits to skin issues without causes any complications. It’s super hydrating properties will better prepare your skin for the next change of seasons and hopefully your skin won’t ever skip a beat again!

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