“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

-Winston Churchill

The healing process continues long after you’re laughing and smiling again. Many that know me, know that I had quite the life-changing experience a couple of years ago when I was involved in larceny and domestic violence cases with my ex. *lump forms in throat*

It’s not my favorite topic; one that I talk less and less about as time goes on. I write about it next to never because it’s so anxiety ridden and opposite of my cynical/humorous writing style. There’s just nothing funny about it. I also try not to live in the horror film anymore. I spend my days pursuing joy, setting goals, and achieving them even if at a snail’s pace during baguette lunch breaks. People that knew me during this time see me happy now, they see that “I’m better”. The people that have met me after may know very little or nothing at all, including in my real name, but they know me to be strong, happy, and usually joking around.

The truth is, it comes for me in the night and in all my subconscious thoughts. Thinking about it makes my heart race. Talking or writing about it produces a lump in my throat. I am not yet healed, I am not yet “better”, but I am here and to be authentically here I need to live my truth. I’m not entirely accepting of it yet, and that’s okay, I’ll get there.

This is my first article about it, with an angle of how my intuitive life coach convinced me to date him. It’s been in the editing works with for a few months and published last week. I am so excited/nervous/proud/embarrassed/scared/happy about it!! I intend it to be a message of the hard lessons learned when you ignore your gut feelings. I tried glazing over most details about my ex but it did the story no justice so I agreed to include a piece of the pie. I did not pick this title, and though it is suiting it’s harsher than the original “The Psychic Revelation That Changed My Life,” (the revelation that I need to make my own decisions), however I think it’s good because it’s the captivating truth. The names have been changed for obvious reasons and for the record, I have nothing but the best wishes for my former life coach and I am not suggesting she is a fraud. The lacking talent here was my decision making skills.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired to trust your intuition. Click here to read

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Erika Lauren is a Boston born French girl spending her days as a workin girl and dog mom, and her nights as a nocturnal writer. She's a content creator for The Haute Mess, XOJane, and Email:

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    1. I love Great article- very impressive clipping 🙂 I cant go to Psychics they give me the heebeejeebees!

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