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For the past eight years I have given thousands of people facials, waxings, and various other wonderful spa treatments. I’ve worked with the best massage therapists, nail technicians, hair stylists, and front desk coordinators. The best of us have loved our job and truly want to give our clients the best experience possible.I really love being able to make someone feel and look good after a true spa visit. Sometimes the experience is beautiful and serene with the dim lighting, soothing music and aroma of wonderful products. Other times, it’s a mess from the start. It leaves me to wonder, why would someone sabotage their service?! To get the most out of your spa experience, here’s what to do and what not to do.

DO research where you’re going/who you’re seeing. Your best experiences will be with reputable and talented service providers. If you want a new crazy hair color, go to someone who did a great job on your friend’s crazy hair color. If you have acne, see an Esthetician that has experience with acneic skin. Don’t see the new girl for a spray tan, a Brazilian wax, eyelash extensions. You get the point.

DO arrive a little early. Often times of it is your first visit their is some brief paperwork to fill out. It’s also good to use the restroom or take a few sips of a complimentary beverage before your service time starts. Try not to arrive late. Without calling. With a coffee in your hand. On the phone. Not only is this extremely rude but you’re cutting into precious minutes of your appointment that can’t always be made up if your service provider is booked after you. And you better believe if you come in like that, no efforts will be made. If you know you’re going to be a few minutes late, call! Don’t be late so you can grab a latte. (Unless you got one for me).

DO turn off your phone. It’s your time. You deserve to relax. Other people in the building paying for services deserve to relax too. Don’t come in talking on your phone, take calls while I’m cleansing your skin or waxing you, or allow your phone to go off the entire time. Be unpopular. Shut the phone off.

DO ask questions. For example, taking advantage of the time you have with a skin care professional working with your skin hands on is crucial. We understand your skin and skin in general better than any sales girl at a counter because we have received training, are licensed, and are actually working with your skin. Because of this we can give you a customized experience and recommend a regimen specific for your needs. By all means, enjoy the experience and relax but don’t forget to share your concerns and ask questions.

DO have realistic expectations. No, my waxing stick is not a magic wand, I can’t give you Kim’s super thick eyebrows by reshaping your pencil thin ones. No my airbrush tan will not cover your bruises, hickeys, farmers tan, or make you look like J-Lo etc. No this one facial will not get rid of your twenty years of sun damage and smoking. I know, I know. Shocking. As much as I hate breaking hearts with the truth, I’m here to educate you and will never lead you astray! The best of us will develop a plan for you and lead you to the most customized and realistic goals attainable.

DO call as soon as possible if you need to cancel an appointment. Do not become a last minute canceller or a no-show. When you do it once, we remember. When you do it twice, you become a repeat offenders. All my clients are special and receive special treatment, but my repeat offenders don’t. Anything complimentary I might have given you in product or service, probably won’t happen now. Any favors you need with booking times or returning things against salon policy, probably won’t happen either. Be a good client and you will get the extra special treatment.

DO leave gratuity. I know this is controversial. I know you know people that don’t do this. But we live in America, a tip obsessed country, it is customary and because of that gratuity sometimes becomes the majority of our income. Not all service providers are paid alike so never assume that you shouldn’t leave a tip based off the price of the service.

DO come back and see us. We love our familiar faces and we vow to take good care of you. The clients I’ve seen regularly for years have a special place in my heart. I’m no longer just their esthetician and makeup artist, but also a soundboard, life coach, a fashion consultant, a cheerleader, and sometimes even a friend.

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