french girls don’t sweat: the gym chronicles

So as you know from apparently french american girls must sweat: this is me joining a gym, I’ve been going to the gym for about 5 months now. The gym chronicles since have been, well, decent. I average about two visits a week and though I’ve only lost a couple of lbs (okay ounces), I do think I have more walking around stamina *laughs. cries. dies.*

Today I tried eating a healthy salad for brunch and lunch. (Yes I eat brunch…then lunch…no breakfast). Around 3:00 I couldn’t handle the bread withdrawal and I had an English muffin with butter and jam. I’ve really been trying to eat less bread, but the French girl inside says “Ummm what are you, high?” (In French). I figure I can go to the gym less if I eat more salad and less bread, because the gym isn’t really working out for me.

These are some of the issues I am having with the gym:

  1.  It’s steamy
  2.  I’m sweating
  3.  There are people in there

Does anybody have a gym membership somewhere that they are not having these issues? Because I’m paying $30 a month for this circus.

I really try to get my workout done as fast as possible. I don’t understand people that dilly dally on their phone. Some people will be on the same circuit machine on rep 2 the entire time it took my to do 6 circuit machines. It makes me think people enjoy buying nice active wear and headphones so they can text at the gym. I often see people lounging on the couch texting for half an hour in there. I watch people on treadmills walking .3 mph for an hour. WHY?

I often wish I could get my exercise in outside, like the French girl do, but I don’t live in France. The only thing in walking distance is a Mexican restaurant, which I sometimes walk to, but I end up eating queso and drinking margaritas. I also have the issue of an environment where my glasses fog up everytime I leave the house because it is a billion degrees for weeks at a time. I can barely walk to the car.

So what’s a girl to do? I’m going to keep up this façade and continue going to the gym for the sake of a healthier lifestyle (did I regurgitate that right?)

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