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If your staying in Nice, I highly recommend you visit Eze and Monaco (just 8 miles away). They are both gorgeous places and unique in their own ways. Go back in time to the medieval mountainside of Eze and live lavishly for a day in the yacht and casino riddled fairytale land of Monaco.


Getting to EZE: You can take the train from Nice Ville to Eze for 6 miles (13 minutes/approx. $7-10 roundtrip) and then walk the remaining mile and a half to Eze Village. It is uphill so I suggest waiting for one of the buses to take you up to the village and back down. (Be sure to sit front facing on the bus and spare yourself the fit of nausea my friend and I experienced.) You could also take a taxi but that will run you around $40. (Hint: Don’t take a taxi).

eze 3 eze2It’s a longggg way up! The village is 1,400 feet above the Mediterranean and is home to a population of only a few hundred. Visiting Eze you will be entranced and at half the cost of Monaco or St. Tropez. Spend the day wandering the medieval streets and peering at the Jardin Exotique. The typical Eze experience is to make your own perfume in one of the two famous perfumeries, Galimard and Fragonard.

eze garden 2 eze happy place Amazing garden of Chateau de la Chevreeze shops d’Or (above)

<-overlooking the ocean in my happy place.


Ancient streets leading up to shops and restaurants ->


The beautiful view from the top (below)

eze FullSizeRender (15)I spent only a few hours in Eze but it is one of the most memorable days I can recall. Go if only for the view and the memory. I didn’t try out any of the food here but have read only great things about it. I did visit a small jewelry shop etched into the mountain side where I bought a beautiful crystal ring. Feeling so magical and as if I was back in time I remember thinking I was out of luck with only my credit card that day. Luckily, the down isn’t as ancient as it looks and accepts all major cards!

From Eze, I went directly to Monaco. The train leaves every 30 minutes and is a 7 minute ride directly to Monaco-Monte-Carlo. If your timing is right, there is a bus that leaves every 4 hours and will take you to Cap d’Ail Bautugan in 17 minutes for about $2. You could walk there in about an hour and 15 minutes but who the hell wants to do that?

monaco 2

Visiting Monaco: If you are a Grace Kelly fan you will love visiting where she lived most of her life as Princess of Monaco. Monaco is an independent micro-state on the French Riviera coastline. It is just under 500 acres with a population of around 38.000. The reigning monarch of the Principality of Monaco is Albert II, son of Rainer III and Grace Kelly, and his wife princess Charlene. Here in Monaco you can visit the famous Monte-Carlo casino, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, or simply shop around or hang out by the beach with some champagne. Be sure to snap some pictures of the Prince’s Palace (where the Prince lives of course!) and stroll through the beautiful Princess Grace Rose Garden.

monaco hotel monaco monte carlo 2 monaco monte carlo monaco steps monaco

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