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Girls always tell me they wish they could wear lipstick but feel they look stupid when they do. It’s true that we could all grab any lipstick and put it on, but feeling comfortable in it is the difference between owning it and wiping it off. Avoid these common mistakes and you will be wearing your most coveted shade in no time.
Mistake One: You start with red. If you have never worn anything more than cherry Chapstick then please, don’t start with red. You will only scare yourself back into Chapstick world. Start with a light pink, or rose toned lip color. I suggest something like Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Love Child or MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn. After you’re comfortable with the lighter tones, you can move on to hot pink, purple, and yes, red. My signature shades are Mirabella lipstick in Downtown Diva (purple), Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Crush (hot pink), and Nars Audacious Lipstick in Annabella (red).  





Mistake Two
: You didn’t line. When you wear lip color, it is unforgiving. You need to make sure your lips look symmetrical and have no messy lines or smudges. Use a lip liner in a nude shade or shade matching your lip color. It’s good to line your lips completely then fill it in before using lipstick or gloss. Don’t try over lining your lips just yet. Baby steps! The color alone will be overwhelming enough for you and if you pair that with over lined Kylie lips, you’ll definitely wipe it off.

Mistake Three
: You didn’t check. The mirror tells us lies. The truest self we see is through pictures. Our eyes don’t process mirror reflections the same way as a picture, and our picture image is what everyone else sees. The only way to make sure you look as fly as you think you do is to take a picture. Take a rear camera image as opposed to a self facing image. This will show you any mistakes you may have made. This is especially helpful when penciling in your eyebrows! Finally, put your index finger sideways on your teeth and pucker to ensure lipstick doesn’t end up on your teeth later.

The thing to remember when you’re thinking of backing out is, “who says?” Who says you’re not hot enough, cool enough, skilled enough to rock lip color?! Do it! In life it’s always half what you got and half what you think you got. You got this. When you look confident with your choices it becomes your thing, your look, and that amplifies how well you pull it off.

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