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Esthetica Poetica (formerly It Begins with a bagel: The Literary smorgasborg) by Erika Lauren where you can read about topics including relationships, skin care, and travel. Per request, I can drizzle on  rectitude and accommodate all your professional writing needs.

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Beauty articles are written from the perspective of being a professional Makeup Artist & Esthetician. Relationship articles are written from the perspective of an insightful hopeless romantic who has learned many lessons (sometimes the hard way). My passion for writing and exploring new projects and ideas drives me to write about everything else. You can find my articles in my blog and various sites like The Haute Mess,, and XOJane.

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“This girl is fearless” -Ashley Tisdale

Meet Boston Bred Blogger and Jill of All Trades written by Kym Estrada

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Thanks to Erika for helping to spread the word about Aviva in her most recent blog post! “I’m allergic to everything.” I exclusively use Aviva Airbrush Tan. Aviva uses the highest quality, premium grade DHA, is hypoallergenic, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

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