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Mobile Esthetic Artistry/Bridal Makeup + Airbrush Tanning  

serving the following areas: Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Grafton, and Seaford Virginia

Makeup Artistry specializing in bridal makeup circa 2008
Please email for bridal makeup availability and pricing. Tentative contract can be discussed/emailed upon availability.  Services include full makeup, lash application, brow styling, and airbrush tan which can combined for a package price. See Instagram @_art_and_sol_ for this years weddings.
* Note: while I provide airbrush tans, I do not do airbrush makeup *
Airbrush Tan
8 hour solutions $35*

Express solutions $40* 

*Travel fee applies to all mobile tans and varies from $5-$20 depending on distance from 23602, not to exceed 25 miles. Travel fee is WAIVED when you book with a friend (full tan).* 

*Appointments on an “off” day, appointments before 9am or after 8pm, as well as last minute accommodations, are subject to an additional charge*

Additional discounts apply to large tan parties.
Parties of 4-5: $5 off
Parties of 6 +: $10 off  
All last minute sales and promotions will be posted ONLY to Instagram! Click to follow.

Brow, Lip, or Chin waxing can be added on for $15 (inquire in advance)

Makeup Applications start at $45 depending on occasion, date, and distance. Please inquire for more details by contacting me via email.

Mobile Facial services are now available!! 

All payments are to be collected upon arrival and are accepted in forms of cash, check, or Venmo.

Cancellations are kindly appreciated within 24 hour notice. Multiple last minute cancellations will incur a $10 fee added on to your next appointment.

It is not recommended to have children or pets in the immediate area where we will be spraying your tan and they must stay clear of the equipment while in use. 

Frequently Asked Tan Questions

What is the mobile experience like? Instead of standing in a room like at a salon, you’ll be standing in my tan tent! The tent offers you privacy for the opportunity to spray in any room of your house or outside in your yard or on your deck. All that I need is an outlet and good lighting. The appointment takes 10 minutes from start to finish and is a much more luxurious experience then driving to and from a location.

What do I wear? Women can wear, or not wear, anything they’d like! Men must wear boxers, briefs, or their swimwearAfter your tan you should wear loose-fitting, dark clothing or a robe. I do advise you be aware of what you choose to wear, for example, don’t wear a high waisted bottom for your tan if you plan to wear a low rise bottom on vacation afterwards! When going nude, be advised you won’t have tan lines to reference how many shades darker you got.

Is it weird if I’m naked?! No. I assure my clients that at least 90% of people do go topless. (Again, men must wear some sort of under garment). Spray tan technicians are only looking at the tan, like paint to a canvas, we are not staring at your body. Our brains don’t even retain details of your body. I often don’t notice tattoos or even pregnancy (!) unless it’s pointed out.

Speaking of that, is it safe if I’m pregnant? Yes but I always advise you consult your doctor if you’re concerned. If breastfeeding, it is HIGHLY recommended to wear a bra and get the Express tan.

What is the difference between 8 hour solutions and express? It is important to note that they both last the same amount of time. The lifespan of your tan depends solely on the desquamation rate of your skin (usually 6-11 days). An 8 hour solution includes many different color options and is customized to your skin tone and how dark you wish to be. These solutions need 8 hours before you can get wet, sweat, or shower. An Express solution can be rinsed off with water between 1-3 hours, cutting your down time by at least a third! This is a one color suites all and its darkness depends on the length of time left on. Express tans are great for people that need a same day tan, on hot days in humid areas, and for people that just enjoy showering sooner! I personally love the express tan and it is what I spray on myself.

What is the best way to take care of my tan? The most important step is moisturizing daily after your first shower. This helps the tan to fade evenly and last as long as possible. Avoid baths, hot tubs, tight clothing, and the use of loofahs and exfoliants while you have your tan.

I won’t be orange, will I? No, never! This commonly happens with machines, companies with cheap solutions, and untrained technicians but it will never happen with Art + Sol! The DHA in each formula will be chosen based on your skin tone and will always look like a real sun tan. I promise.

Products for Purchase

GrandeLash Serum $65 GrandeLash Mascara $24 GrandeLash Primer $24

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